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A higher power for healing?

Today’s blog post will be very quick because most of it, I will leave up to my readers. About a month ago, my handy-dandy Google reader produced an article from the website PsychCentral called Why is Religion important to Mental Health. Now obviously as a journalist, a month is not exactly timely. However, religion is a sensitive subject and I debated it in my mind on whether or not to discuss it here. Over the past week though, it is something I have been itching to ask the readers of this blog.

In the article, author Therese J. Borchard begins by discussing the context of religion and mental health historically. The two rarely coincide peacefully. Borchard uses excerpts from a National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) newsletter. The newsletter consisted of an interview with Jay Mahler, an activist and founder of The California Mental Health & Spirituality Initiative and a reverend, Laura Mancuso. In the excerpts used from the professionals, they both seem to agree that mental health and religion have some sort of link in patients.

“For many people with mental health issues, spirituality is key to understanding this experience. It is essential in their journey of recovery. Also faith communities have provided a sense of belonging and welcome to me, and to others who have been marginalized and experienced stigma and discrimination resulting from the public’s fear of persons with psychiatric diagnoses,” Mahler said.

The comments on the article span more than half of the page with readers of all different backgrounds and religions (or lack thereof) weigh in on their personal feelings. Some fear that introducing religion into psychiatric treatment is a great idea because that very thing helped them find solace while others believe that it is a violation of church and state, possibly only including mainstream religions but focused on Christianity.
Now here is where I pose the question: Is religion an important aspect in mental health? Does religion coincide with mental health at all? Is the use and discussion of religion aide the healing of the mentally ill? What are your views? Let me know, lets spark a discussion! (But please be tasteful)

“Every shadow is evidence of sun.” – Nichole Nordeman


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  Betsy Rau wrote @

I think it makes perfect sense. My son is Buddist and that’s a lot of what they believe.

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